High Altitude Skating Club
Membership Details

The High Altitude Skating Club (HASC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities that encourage athletic achievement, community and enjoyment of ice skating to each and every skater, no matter their skill level or demographics. High Altitude Skating Club is a member in good standing of U.S. Figure Skating for the 2023-2024 season.

Why should you join High Altitude Skating Club?

Skaters who join High Altitude Skating Club have access to our coach attended Club Ice times. These include some time that is group conditioning/training as well as time for skaters to consult coaches about specific skills that they may be working on. We are also considering adding some off-ice training. Skaters will gain eligibility to compete in any Learn to Skate competions as well as our Winter and Spring Showcase. Read more about and compare our membership options below!

Who can join High Altitude Skating Club?

Anyone who has interest in skating! We welcome experienced skaters, brand new skaters and aspiring skaters alike!

How do I know what type of membership I need?

Currently, our club offers several different types of memberships and club options.
All members will have the option to purchase club gear (i.e. jackets, etc.)


Learn to Skate Membership $20: Required for anyone participating in the Learn-to-Skate Program with no plans to test with USFSA. LTS members may participate in bimonthly or weekly Club Ice, the Winter or Spring ice show and any club clinics at an additional cost. 2023/2024 Club Ice sessions Drop-in cost is $20/session.

USFSA Aspire Membership $40: required for skaters participating in the Aspire Program, and may have plans to test at the Pre-Preliminary USFSA level. Aspire members may not test higher than pre-preliminary. Aspire members must not have previously been a full member of USFSA. (2023-2024 season will see Pre-FreeSkate thru Freeskate 6 levels transition to Aspire 1-4.)

USFSA Introductory Membership $40: Required for first-time full memberships with USFSA.
USFSA Full Membership $75: Required for first family member and anyone testing through USFSA levles (not Learn-to-Skate or Aspire). Annual membership includes USFSA membership, SKATING magazine and accident insurance.

USFSA Subsequent (Additional) Member Membership $35: Required for each additional supporting family member. Eligible to volunteer at events to support skaters. Can also apply to second skaters in a family.


2023-2024 CLUB OPTIONS

High Altitude Skating Club All-Access Membership $350: 2023-2024 required fees for each member, this is an add-on to the LTS or USFSA Membership. Includes ice time, coaching, annual spring ice show and priority in the winter ice show roster. $350 dues, and $125 fundraising requirement, 3.0 hour volunteer requirement (you can opt-out of volunteer hours for $300 per family).

University of Wyoming Figure skating Team or Guardian Visiting Membership $125: All skaters requesting this membership must already be a Learn-to-Skate or USFSA member or also choose a Membership. This membership allows skaters to skate (not participate in HASC instruction) during 10 weekly Club Ice sessions and the Winter and/or Spring Ice Shows. Members may attend additional club ice dates at an additional cost of $10/session.



How do I become a member of High Altitude Skating Club?

Complete the Membership Application below before your first Club Ice date so that we know you are planning to come! We will be sure to review your form and provide any additionally needed forms. You may complete payment with cash, a check, venmo or PayPal. Currently PayPal includes an additional fee of 3.2%.

Membership Application

Skater Code of Conduct Agreement

Parent/Guardiuan Code of Conduct Agreement